Get Spanked! compilation

GET Spanked # 2 is a selection of 9 unreleased tracks from various artists and projects of SpankMeMore which was released to celebrate the first birthday of the label. Some tracks were recorded for the occasion, others were from upcoming albums to be released. A way to reflect where the label stood after a first year of existence and to thank the artists who supported the SpankMeMore project. Arigato packaging hand stamped with the Spank logo.

Just like its totally DIY logo, these CDs are handmade by the SpankMeMore Records’ crew in the same way the team manages its releases:     sparingly. “Qui va piano, va sano” and we we like that. With 9 unreleased tracks, it gives you a good idea of the underground from Brussels. Understood?” (RifRaf Fr)

       “Great art”