SMM Records

Spank Me More Records is an indie label based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2008, SMM Records aims to promote eclecticism, musical experimentation and discovery. Spank Me More Records has released albums of Pentark, iCu, Montauk in February, Le double, Trotz Ensemble, Casse Brique and Concert Debout in a variety of musical styles ranging from Math Rock, Ambient Noise, indie folk and electro-electric beat music. Each record was launched during release parties were our artists shared the stage with amazing acts such as Peter Broderick, Autistic Daughters, Svarte Greiner, Petula Clarck, Modeselektor or Nihls Frahm.

96, rue de la croix de fer
1000 Bruxelles
N° d’inscription BCE: 0824.337.177